Desmond’s Birth + Months 0 – 3

Three months ago we welcomed a new baby to our little family.


Welcome to the world!


Your April 14 due date had come and gone. On Monday, April 27 I checked into the hospital for induction.  I chose the Center for Midwifery at the U. of Colorado hospital based on the recommendation of a friend and because they seemed most supportive of a VBAC.

After 40 hours of labor and 3.5 hours of pushing, we were so happy to finally meet you.

Desmond Michael
April 29, 2015, 3:05pm
8lb 6oz, 19.25″ long

They put you on my chest and you calmly lifted your head and looked around.  Strong baby! We were a little concerned that you weren’t crying, so after a few minutes the nurses intervened with some oxygen to help better inflate those lungs. You and I spent a couple extra days in the hospital dealing with jaundice and trying to get your weight up. But in the end, all was well and you pulled through beautifully, just as I knew you would.


You’re a very sweet baby and we’re all enjoying getting to know you.  Elsa is very proud of her new status as big sister and loves showing you off.


Like Elsa, you are a fantastic sleeper and have been dozing through the night since around 6 weeks.  Unlike Elsa, you are bald as a cue ball.  Your newborn appearance was a complete surprise to us and we all love stroking your soft little head.  Actually that head isn’t so little and measures above the 90th percentile for boys.


You definitely favor your mom’s side of the family.  Although your smile, which arrived at 8 weeks, looks just like your dad.  At just under three months, those smiles are turning into laughs, cute little guffaws.


So much of this experience has been familiar and so much is new territory. We’re all so happy that you’re finally here. Love, Mama.

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