So a couple of weeks back we took a trip back to sweet home Chicago. While it was great to be back, we realized shortly after arriving that Chicago will probably never be home for us again. Thank you Stevenson traffic for your ability to affirm life decisions!

It was great to be back to visit though. Even though Elsa will never remember it, there was something really cool/slightly surreal about walking her around her parents’ old neighborhood.

Elsa on the shores of Lake Michigan

It was Chicago in May, so of course it was a bit chilly along the lake

Another great part of the trip was introducing her to wonderful friends we had not seen in nearly a year.

Elsa with Dan and Sarah Duran

Elsa with Conor and Annie Maynard’s children Harrison and Ella

Elsa with Deniz and Brad Hedden’s daughter Hannah

It was great to be in Chicago with family and to have Elsa baptized while we were there at Old St. Pat’s Church in the West Loop.

Elsa and Nana

Elsa appreciates Uncle Dave’s dry sense of humor

Post baptism photo with Nana and Gramps

Elsa with her Godparents – Erin and Dave. She was getting a little weary of picture taking at this point

Thanks for a great weekend Chicago. It was great to be back and we hope it was the first of many visits Elsa will have there. After all, she is going to be a Cubs fan.


About gowestyoungfam

We just moved to Denver from Chicago and are excited about sharing the details of our new adventures!
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