Happy free comic book derby de Mayo!

Saturday was a big day: cinco de Mayo (no, it’s not Mexican independence day), the Kentucky Derby, and, most importantly, Free Comic Book Day.

Elsa and I took a nice long walk in the afternoon to a local independent comic book shop, and along the way we saw these guys:


As a runner and a dog owner, I HATE geese. However, I do smile whenever I see baby geese during the few weeks a year every year they’re out in force. It’s like I forget that they’re all going to grow up to be complete assholes who poop everywhere.

Later in day we took Elsa to her first concert – a great Latin cover band…and everyone in attendance was either under three years of age or chasing around/dancing with someone under three years of age. Elsa seemed to enjoy it, as evidenced by the big smiles that took place between the explosive dirty diaper, spitting up, and falling asleep. We had lots of fun eating pizza, drinking beers, and watching all the little ones enjoy the good music.

As for the derby, I think Elsa is going to have to wait until next year to try her first mint julep as we weren’t able to watch the race with everything else going on.


About gowestyoungfam

We just moved to Denver from Chicago and are excited about sharing the details of our new adventures!
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