Memories…Elsa’s First Month

At one day old, you impress your admirers with a full head of hair.

At one week, you are deemed the cutest swaddled baby in the history of swaddled babies.

During your first month of life, favorite activities include sleeping,

and sleeping.

We take you to restaurants, to breweries, even to Breckenridge.  You are so quiet and sweet sitting in your car seat near us that I sometimes worry I’ll forget you.  Of course that never happens.

You’re so tiny and all of your clothes seems to swallow you up.  I can’t imagine you ever fitting into the 3 to 6 month size.

Likes include snoozing in your car seat and being held. Dislikes include diaper changes, baths, tummy time and your Christmas dress.

Here you are at One Month Old!

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