iPad camera

So in case you couldn’t tell by the increased frequency of updates in the last week, I (Mike) got a the new iPad last week. I mostly got it for increased flexibility for work (since 90% of my job can be done with a phone and access to email). I got the 4G model to really maximize that flexibility.

While it has definitely been great for work, it’s obviously also a great personal tool as well (hello, WordPress iPad app)! One of my favorite aspects of the device is the greatly-improved camera. Here’s a quick pic I snapped over the weekend.


Don’t worry, it’s a Burgundy and the mold on the top side of the cork is perfectly normal. You’ll notice that you can actually make out the individual fibers. Is it DSLR quality? No. But it is pretty cool. When Apple announced the new camera specs, a lot of bloggers wondered who would use an iPad to take decent quality stills or shoot HD video. I think that they’re missing the point – it’s the convergence that matters. While the quality is not as good as an actual camera, good luck finding a camera that you can take a picture from and then immediately upload that picture from the camera to a blog posting that you wrote from the camera as well!

Here’s another good example. I snapped this while Ollie was running past me about ten feet away. There’s some slight blur but it caught 3 of his 4 legs in the air. Again not DSLR quality but there’s almost no effort involved here.



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