Maybe it’s something about impending parenthood…

Or maybe it’s just getting older, but I am really getting into holidays this year. As Meg mentioned in her last post, this is the first time since she’s known me (and since I was probably in the 7th grade) that I’ve actually gotten excited for Halloween and wanted to dress up. And today…which is only November 22nd keep in mind…I changed one of the preset stations in the car to a Christmas music station. As a reflex upon hearing ONE Christmas song on the station. I didn’t even wait to hear the next song. I just knew that it would be an all-Christmas station. And that I had to have it as a preset. IMMEDIATELY.

Apparently my heart is no longer full of unwashed socks.


About gowestyoungfam

We just moved to Denver from Chicago and are excited about sharing the details of our new adventures!
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