Letter from your Ma: 35-36 weeks

How far along?  36 weeks and 2 days.
Weight Gain?  You should weigh nearly 6 lbs now.  I weigh much more than that.  At the end of this week, you’ll be considered full term!
Symptoms?  I think you may have “dropped” but I’m not 100% sure about that.  Edit:  Nope, you haven’t dropped.  At the doctor’s office this morning, Dr. Honey told me you are floating very high.   Get down from there!  Other symptoms are the usual bloody nose and frequent bathroom trips, with a healthy serving of pregnancy-induced clumsiness.  Seriously, you may want to come out early for your own safety.  I’ve taken a few tumbles over cracks in the sidewalk, my own feet and who knows…I trip over nothing sometimes.  Maybe it’s invisible gnomes or something.  Pregnancy is weird.
Sleep?  I sleep better during the day, so naps are frequent.
Foods I am loving?  Fruits, veggies, lots of water.
Best moment this week?  For the first time in the 7+ years I’ve known your dad, this is the first time he showed any interest in dressing up for Halloween.  We dressed up as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  Don’t worry if those names aren’t familiar to you…we found that most people had no idea who we were supposed to be.  Ollie is a recently felled tree.

Movement?  You’re running out of room in there, so movements have become slower and more deliberate.  Come out and you’ll have plenty of room to judo chop!
What I miss?    My old clothes.
What we’ve been up to:    Your aunt Kate got an official job offer – woo hoo!  Unfortunately it is on the east coast and not California as she hoped.  However, we’re still happy that she’s finally entering the adult world, 1.5 months before her 30 birthday.   Otherwise we’re enjoying the strange Denver weather, which switches from snowy to sunny and 60 from one day to the next.  Also, again, I’m not pressuring you, but if you would LIKE to come out a little early, I’d be happy to show you around this place.  It is pretty cool.

About gowestyoungfam

We just moved to Denver from Chicago and are excited about sharing the details of our new adventures!
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2 Responses to Letter from your Ma: 35-36 weeks

  1. Anne Bartholomy says:

    We enjoy your posts! Love the picture. Have you thought any more about names? Pat is suggesting Bollomy or Barbie…See you soon.

  2. Bollomy and Barbie are both excellent suggestions. I’ll make sure they get added to the list.

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