Letter from your Ma: Week 27

How far along?  27 weeks, 2 days today.
Weight Gain?  You are 14 1/2 inches with your legs extended.  So long!  Weight = 2 lbs.  Same as a head of cauliflower.  Mmmmm…roasted cauliflower….
Symptoms?  I’m still moving slowly – and unfortunately it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better.  Also?  My weight.  The doctor says I’m still within normal range, but it’s hard watching that number creep up up up.
Sleep?  Same as last week.
Foods I am loving?  Chocolate mostly.  Which I suppose could explain the weight gain.
Best moment this week?  A nice hike with Mike, Kate and Ollie out to Maxwell Falls.   
Movement?  Kick kick kick kick punch punch wiggle flip kick kick.  Repeat.
What I miss?   Wearing pants that button.
What we’ve been up to:    Working, staying cool and trying to figure out your name.  What is your name anyway?  Lots of folks have asked me, but your dad and I don’t know the answer.

About gowestyoungfam

We just moved to Denver from Chicago and are excited about sharing the details of our new adventures!
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