Running List of Restaurants…

We have had some really fun dining experiences already in Denver. Just using this to keep track of the places we’ve been to so we don’t forget…

  • Hops & Pie (of course)
  • Sweet Action (even more of course)
  • Watercourse Foods (veggie restaurant we first visited when we came to Denver in April)
  • Rosa Linda’s Mexican Cafe (vegetarian-friendly Mexican restaurant…which can be rare)
  • Fat Sully’s/Atomic Cowboy (Atomic Cowboy is a bar with a pizza place – Fat Sully’s – and a breakfast place – Denver Biscuit Company – both located inside of it. So far we’ve only had the pizza)
  • The Elm (neighborhood bar that on the positive side has lots of veggie burger options, but on the negative side has lots of Red Sox fans)
  • Encore (great brunch place on Colfax right by City Park Esplanade…it’s in an old theater building)
  • Jelly (trendy brunch place where we had to wait for an hour…but the donut bites were pretty awesome)
  • Salt (delicious brunch on Pearl Street in Boulder)

Hopefully many more to come!


About gowestyoungfam

We just moved to Denver from Chicago and are excited about sharing the details of our new adventures!
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