Letter from your Ma…. An intro and Weeks 20-24

Future Daughter, 

I saw another woman keep a pregnancy journal on her blog and thought it might be a fun thing for you to read when you’re older.  Yes, I am more than halfway through the pregnancy at this point, but something you’ll soon learn about your mom is that she’s somewhat of a procrastinator.   Your dad suggested I post the letters here so I don’t lose them.   Below you will find Weeks 20 through 24.  Going forward, I hope to separate the entries by week.
A few highlights from weeks 1-19, before I forget them:
— March 21, 2011:  We find out that you exist.
— April 7, 2011:  Your first trip to Denver.  Your dad’s company, Slalom Consulting, has an office there and we are considering making a move.
— April 21:   I crave dill pickles all the time now….how cliche.
— May 23:  We see you for the first time on the ultrasound.  You’re about a half inch long and your arms and legs are nubbins.
— May 31:  Your dad gets a new job allowing him to work anywhere in the country with a major airport.  We consider the almost overwhelming possibilities and realize we could go broke flying around looking for our ideal home.  We decide to spend 1 year in Denver as a start.
— July __, 2011:  Find a house online in Denver – rent it blindly.
— August 3, 2011:  Arrive in our new home.
And now for the journal…  If any of this is embarrassing, let me know and I’ll take it down immediately.  Ok who am I kidding?  I fully expect to embarrass the crap out of you in the future.  It’s my right as a parent.  Just know it’s coming from a place of love.
– – – – – – –
July 13, 2011
How far along? 20 weeks.  Halfway there!
Weight Gain? 12 lbs
Symptoms?  I have POPPED.  In a span of 1 week, I went from looking chubby to being obviously preggo.    Belly button is still an innie, but probably not for long.
Sleep?  Starting to get a little uncomfortable, but overall not an issue.  1 or 2 bathroom trips per night.
Foods I am loving?  Peaches, yogurt, ginger ale, iced coffee (*usually* decaf).  Very very thirsty.
Best moment this week?  We found out this week that you are a GIRL!   You will be the first granddaughter after eight EIGHT(!) grandsons on the Bartholomy side.  Your dad’s family is beyond psyched.
Movement?  Finally!   I felt you move for the first time one day before my 20 week doctor’s appointment.  You are very wiggly now and gave the ultrasound technician some trouble.   She called you spunky but ladylike, because between flips you crossed your ankles.  As I type you are kicking up a storm.  I wonder if you’ll be a gymnast like your Aunt Emily….
What I miss?   Margaritas.  Good beer.
What we’ve been up to:   This week, your dad and I started packing for Denver.  I’m giving you a big mental high five, as my “delicate state” means I get to avoid lifting heavy boxes or furniture.  Thanks sweetie!  Awesome teamwork!
I bought you a couple cute dresses from a little children’s retailer that is going out of business.  I also bought you some baby leg warmers, since you’ll be a winter baby.  At some point, I will start thinking about practical things like diapers and a car seat.   You can expect several, several gifts from Grandma Stuart.  She is an avid deal shopper and can’t wait to meet you.
Weekly Wisdom:  I pulled this format from another gal’s pregnancy journal.  I’m debating whether or not to include her “weekly wisdom” bullet point.  I’m not sure who the wisdom is aimed at…You?  Me if I get pregnant again?  You if YOU get pregnant?  The general public?  I don’t feel qualified to give you any advice right now…I’ll have to mull this over a bit for next week.
– – – – – – –
July 19, 2011
How far along?  You are now 21 weeks old.  And the size of a carrot!
Weight Gain?  Holding at 12 lbs.
Symptoms?  Belly skin getting a little itchy.
Sleep?  I’m sleeping like a champ.  I’d sleep all day if I could.  Some days I do.
Foods I am loving?  Peaches, yogurt, bagels, iced coffee, ice cream.
Best moment this week?  Not sure…Probably just eating a lot of ice cream to beat the heat.
Movement?  Starting to notice some patterns to your movement.  You’re quieter in the morning and start marching around as soon as I lay down in bed at night.
What I miss?   Beer.  My waist.
What we’ve been up to:   This week was a little sad as we’re starting to say goodbye to all of our Chicago friends.  I’m trying to look around on my walks to memorize our neighborhood.  I will miss Chicago.
Weekly Wisdom:   Wear a bikini while you can.  But not before you’re in college of course.  Actually, wait until you’re 30.  On second thought, stick to a one-piece.
– – – – – – –
July 26, 2011
How far along?  22 weeks.
Moving… I forgot to write an entry this week. Just use your imagination to insert something totally boring about packing up boxes.  We loaded up the Subaru and headed out to Denver on August 1.
– – – – – – –
August 2, 2011
How far along?  23 weeks.
Weight Gain?   Not sure, as our scale is still in Chicago.  Movers are scheduled to arrive with our furniture between Aug 5 – 8.   I’ve been eating a lot of sweets, so my best guess is 16 lbs.
Symptoms?  Tired in the evenings, but otherwise feeling good.  I tried taking you for a run at City Park, but I’m afraid my jogging days may be over for a while. We’ll stick to brisk walks from now on.  I’d love to find a swimming pool, but no luck so far.
Sleep?  I keep rolling over on my back, which can apparently cut off your blood supply(?)  Not good.  The first 2 nights we slept on an air mattress, but now have a bed for the downstairs guest room.  Much more comfortable.   Somehow the delivery guys were able to shove a queen-sized mattress through the tiny stairway leading to our basement.
Foods I am loving?   We have no way to cook at home for now, so your dad and I have been using this opportunity to sample Denver fare.  First place goes  to Sweet Action Ice Cream, which I have been looking forward to trying since leaving Chicago.  Best flavors are Whisky Brickle, Biscuits & Jam and Chocolate Andes Mint.  We had a great pizza at Pie & Hops and some tasty cherry almond scones from the little bakery in our hood (can’t remember name at the moment…).  Also salads and fruit from Whole Foods.  I’m not feeding you total junk.
Best moment this week?  Arriving in Denver!  And checking out our new house.  It’s great.  More on that next week.
Movement?  You’ve slowed down a bit.  I think you’re probably just taking it easy for the rest of the summer.  Good idea.  Keep growing baby!
What I miss?   Having a place to sit down that is not the floor.
What we’ve been up to:   Buying little necessities to set up the house.   Learning how to squeeze our big car into the tiny garage.  Sitting on the floor staring at each other, wondering what to do next.  We picked up about a thousand rotting apples from the back yard.  Ollie is adjusting well and loves running around the carpeted basement, as I thought he would.  Right now your bedroom is a pink and purple striped explosion.    I suspect the future 5-year-old you would love it, but I’m painting it asap.
Weekly Wisdom:  Having an apple tree in the back yard sounds romantic but is actually super annoying.
– – – – – – –
August 12, 2011
How far along?  24 weeks (plus a few days… I’m late on my update this week).
Weight Gain?   16 pounds.  A little ahead of where I want to be.  Oh dear.  According to Baby Center, you are 1 lb and 12 inches long.
Symptoms?  Despite the 16 lbs, I feel great!   Today  your dad and I climbed the stairs at Red Rocks and later rode bikes around the city.  Biking is fun, if not exactly comfortable.  I borrowed your Aunt Kate’s road bike and would like to apologize for repeatedly kneeing you from the drop handlebars.   However, you may have had it coming (see Sleep…)
Sleep?  I’m sleeping like a baby.  Unless that baby is you:   a baby who likes to hold a dance party as soon as her mom decides to lay down for the night.  Seriously, could you turn that music down?
Foods I am loving?   Ginger ale, Beck’s non-alcoholic beer, plums, kale, corn chips, avocados.  Also, have had a mild craving for sliced turkey since the beginning of this pregnancy, but haven’t given in.  Did I mention your parents are vegetarians?   We are.  Did I mention your Grandpa Stuart owns stock in a cattle ranch in Oklahoma?   He does.  It makes for some fun discussions.  The first thing my Dad said to me when I told him about you was, “You should feed that baby some meat.”   I’m not going to, but I figure if you want to try it eventually, I won’t stop you.
Best moment this week?  So many…  Getting our furniture (FINALLY!)  The sunrise at Red Rocks.  Relaxing in our very own back yard (such a luxury).  Watching Ollie chase butterflies.  Beautiful Denver weather.
Movement?  Last week’s lull is OVER.  You wriggle around constantly, especially at night.
What I miss?   Our old view of Lake Michigan (see photo).  As much as the yard is great, I do miss sitting on the green chair with Ollie in my lap, looking out over runners, cyclists and dogs in the park.
What we’ve been up to:   Your Grandma and Grandpa Stuart spent a few days here with the goal of helping us to unpack and assemble furniture.  However, the movers were delayed and they had to leave just before our furniture was delivered.  Since then, we’ve been setting up house and getting back into the swing of things.  Picking up rotten apples.  Mowing the lawn.   I’ve been browsing etsy looking for art for your room and obsessing about oh-so-important things like fabric for the curtains.   Your dad and I are anxious to meet you.  We wonder what you will look like…what color your hair and eyes will be…what type of personality you will have.  I can’t wait to take you for bike rides and hikes in the mountains.  I promise to take lots of pictures in case we don’t stay in Denver and you don’t remember any of this.
Weekly Wisdom:   This week’s wisdom is from your Dad:  “Enjoy good music, but don’t look up to musicians as role models.”

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  1. Lisa Hendey says:

    Meg, this is precious – I feel like I’m eavesdropping by reading it, but it’s so sweet it made me cry. And want to go buy pink things… my niece is lucky to have a mom like you!!

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