Denver Ikea (Booo!), Sweet Action (Yaaaay!!!)

Our continued pursuit of our two main goals (setting the house up and eating our way through our new city), led us to two very different destinations one day last week.

The first was IKEA. Denver just got its first IKEA last week – it opened in the southern suburb of Centennial. On the drive out to Denver earlier this week we listened to several episodes of a fun Denver-centric podcast (Denver Diatribe) and they mentioned the new IKEA several times…so we knew it was a big deal for Denver to finally have its own massive outlet for procuring cheap furniture (I believe it’s spelled “partikle bjord” in IKEA-ese). We didn’t know just how big of a deal though. The first hint was the roadsign on I25 directing us to tune into AM1650 to check IKEA traffic conditions. And then there was the approach to the store. Here’s a video:

After Ikea (or “hell” as I like to call it) we headed to Sweet Action. This place is ridiculous. They serve up amazing ice cream creations like biscuits and jam, Colorado honey, maple pale ale, chocolate whoopie pie, and much, much more. Here’s a picture of the view onto Broadway while enjoying biscuits and jam in a homemade waffle cone with a Mexican coke.


We’ve been to Sweet Action three times in the ten days since we got to Denver. Come visit us and we’ll take you there. Please.


About gowestyoungfam

We just moved to Denver from Chicago and are excited about sharing the details of our new adventures!
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2 Responses to Denver Ikea (Booo!), Sweet Action (Yaaaay!!!)

  1. Lisa Hendey says:

    OK I blame you for my painful neck from watching sideways, but had to say – that parking lot has more attendants than disneyland! Was it some kind of special event? Weird…

  2. Yeah, it’s seriously crazy. There were people just streaming into the place. Apparently before this opened Colorado people used to drive to Phoenix to go to Ikea. Crazy.

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